Statement in response to the Reddit Blog postings for ‘How do we catch these people’, ‘Film industry vigilantes’, ‘Two years ago i posted about two conmen in’, and god knows where is...


“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” –Andy Warhol


“Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders, than from the arguments of its opposers.” –William Penn


We, Myelin Productions, through the Executive Producer, Sir Gregory A. N. Coots, do in Due Diligence and Reasonable and Prudent Conduct, make the following statement. We are very open to any and all legal actions or pursuits that therein may follow:


First, the Blog/Report/Story is very Interesting and entertaining in a very satirical and melodramatic way, albeit creepy, freakish, and bizarre. That however is to be expected from actors and wannabe actors. These “actors” who have personal agendas as well as supposed and make believe fantasy offenses post in shadowy secret blogs hiding behind false names and side winding email accounts.

We; Myelin Productions – USA, UK, and Canada are very much aware of the blog as well as the varied and multi-layered accusations, insinuations, gossip, rumors, that are outright vile vicious and well calculated lies. All of which prove the clearly obvious fact that if any of the material writings of the blog were true no one would be hiding behind a false names and façade email accounts, in order to hide in the shadows and attack without perceived consequences.


This introduces two old and proven axioms, “Fraud and Deceit are ever in a hurry. Take time for all things. Great haste makes great waste.” Benjamin Franklin


...and in regard to Myelin Productions we are pleased and blessed to say, “They love him most for the enemies he has made.” Edward S. Bragg


Second, WE, Myelin Productions, have been aware of this sad, sick, and twisted lashing out since it was first posted. So why did we wait so long to respond? Simply put, we wanted to ensure that all of the participants in the circus of lies had their say and then we would respond, ONE TIME. So this is it.

The integrity and dignity of Myelin Productions has been questioned by the secret coward bloggers. In response, lawyers and law enforcement have gotten involved and yes IP addresses are known and yes we are very open, ready, and willing for any and all court actions that anyone may wish to pursue.


Third, (background information) Myelin Productions was asked to attend a banquet, in May 2012 in Denver, Colorado, USA which was supposed to be hosted by Larry Johnson aka Larry Freeman of Boulder, Colorado, owner of ‘Axum 21st to promote his film projects ‘Theodora the Great’ and 'Children of Tykarindon'. To the credit of Larry, he had written massive scripts and multi layered plots. None of which was Myelin Productions interested in.


At said banquet the Myelin Team owners were offered these movie projects to produce and were promised the help and support of all the cast and their families; most of whom were present. Among those eager to have Myelin takeover was a self-professed actress. She claimed to have been a former ‘popular private adult’ entertainer from Las Vegas, as of recent report at the time, but born in South Africa, a one wannabe ‘hot chick star’ ‘risqué model’ Nicolle Stanic ( We later found that she had two FaceBook pages, one of which she used as a connected friend with Lartu Vox (the FB page for Myelin Productions) and the other closed, her real page.


Nicolle Stanic, posting as ‘HunterAlamo’ in this blog feed, has fueled a great deal of lies, gossip, and rumors about Myelin Productions and its associations. All the while she was pretending to be a friend and supporter and even rehearsing for her roles with Myelin Projects. Most of the cast had issues with her and wanted nothing to do with her. Nicolle and her ‘hot chick star’ friend Laurel A. Jameson, aka Laurel Periwinkle ( & (, were part of Myelin Projects, while at the same time plotting to slander, libel, and discredit Myelin.


After the banquet in Denver, Myelin Productions (MP herein) agreed to take on the projects, but used no part of the Axum 21st materials at all. The cast (which presented MP with ownership contracts showing that Larry had sold or bartered away over 50% of his projects to the cast and families as payments) voted and asked MP to come on board and take over the projects which we did with the understanding that none of Larry’s material would be used or copied. The scripts Larry wrote were not feasible or workable outside of a ridiculous budgets (he had written 3-5 hour sagas with musical scores). So his cast/owners wanted to take their property per contracts, and have another independent film company produce and direct the movies. MP took the projects.


The cast and families then formed ‘Axum Group’ ( and voted Melanie Davis as the head and spokesperson of the new company. Nicolle and Laurel then helped find Larry in order that he could be served with notice of the new changes. MP then wrote Nika about the rise to power of Justinian and Theodora after the Nika riots and slaughter, we also rewrote the scifi project as ‘Aura Realms’. None of Larry’s writings of materials were used at all on the MP projects. Both have copyrights and belong to Myelin Productions. Additionally Nicolle, Laurel, and many others then wanted to become a part of the film project “Draco Ortus” which is a continuation of the MP Vampire series “Eye of Noor”. They were very motivated and pretended to be everyone’s friend to the point of offering advice on acting, modeling, make up, etc... They attended training and rehearsals. Our company, Citadel Process (which trains people in fighting, self-defense, security, protection, survival, etc..), trained them and the other cast members in basic sword and hand to hand combat. Nicolle and Laurel’s true colors eventually came out and they both had a lot to say about a lot of people in the projects and soon became unpopular and troublesome to the point that cast members threaten to leave and drop out if they (Nicolle and Laurel) remained with MP.


Fourth, In response to his owners leaving him, Larry Johnson of Axum 21st filed copyright lawsuit in Colorado. MP was originally on the receiving end of the lawsuit, but was dismissed in full and the suit dropped against MP due to the fact that MP had nothing to do with any of the inner politics of Axum 21st and the shareholders, cast, and families.

Nicolle and Laurel then asked MP for help in getting themselves and Nicolle’s sister, RomaneeRome” (, out of the lawsuit. We helped prepare answers for the federal court as to the accusations leveled against Nicolle and Romanee. Laurel escaped the lawsuit as Larry did not know her real last name.


After this they (Nicolle and Laurel) continued to come to MP project meetings and continued to upset cast and crew with constant corrections, pointers, suggestions, etc. They were finally asked to leave MP and that we could not continue to work with them.

In the meantime, Melanie Davis and MP had been dismissed from the lawsuit and this angered everyone else who were/are still in the mix of the legal issues. Melanie and Sir Gregory Coots were then blamed for all the troubles and then accused of being in league together to ‘screw over’ all the other cast members/owners from Larry’s Axum 21st.


During the time period leading up to all of this Nicolle and Laurel asked Sir Gregory Coots about past porn rumors from former cast members, Samantha “Sami” Elder, Amber “Tobi” Chaffin ( Sami and Tobi had been ok during rehearsals and tried very hard and were getting better. Unfortunately they got involved in an ancient chaos druid clan cult through another actor, Zack Diebold. Strange that there are still druid cults, and in Fountain, Colorado of all places. Anyway, with their druid clan cult connection they became very devious and were eventually fired and removed from MP.


During these meetings, Nicolle in fact told of her time as an ‘adult private entertainer’ in Las Vegas and her ‘experience’ in the porn world and asked if MP did porn. She was told NO and then offered herself and other models, including Laurel, as possible candidates, and said it would raise the money for the MP projects, with the addition of the former Larry projects. We again said, “no”.


Nicolle was upset and stated, “NO ONE turns me down” and that she knows how to work any film project and make it work. In addition she also said she could ruin any project.

Nicolle further stated that she was Scorpio who is also an accomplished witch as well as a divination master with zodiacs, tarot, and magic incantations. Furthermore she said she always got her way and could make things happen through magic. So, MP had yet another magic team at work. She said when people crossed her she always got even and never got touched or caught and that Sir Gregory Coots owed her apologies and MP needed to be careful, because she and Laurel knew everyone in Colorado Indie film and could/would destroy us and that no one would know who was behind it.


Well, we all know who is behind it. Nicolle is HunterAlamo and a very aggressive coward bully. Nicolle calls herself a fortune teller and a ‘Scorpio’ that always gets even. Well, two points, we are certain the soothsayer Scorpio Nicolle then knew this response was ‘acomin’ and scorpions are poisonous insects which have to be sneaky because they ultimately get exposed to real light and smashed.

We at MP have since talked with several sources in Colorado Film and all have said Nicolle is a problem on sets and no one wants to work with her. We are certain she can find those who will say otherwise. Such the sly nature of witchy scorpions.


Fifth,ImmortalDexterity” is another wonderful former MP actress. In addition to Samantha and Amber/Tobi we had to deal with their secret admirer and supporter, a self proclaimed LGBT producer named Natasha ‘Tash’ Gerber-Zion, or simply Tash ‘Breezy’ Zion ( Interestingly, Zach (, Samantha, and Tobi all worked on her projects. Tash is also very well known for hitting on our female actresses and sending facebook messages to our MP cast about me and the MP projects and asking the females out. All factual, actual, and ready to prove. File away! Tash jumped on board with Nicolle and Laurel and they tag team the wonderful coward blog with secret emails and hidden names, but have all said way too much to way too people to have remained hidden. Even Buddha knew that there are Three things [that] cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


They are in fact known and no longer hiding behind pseudo fake false ‘Free Speech’ or ‘1st Amendment Rights’. Freedom of speech is one thing and freedom of expression is one thing; lies, rumors, gossip, and filthy vile insidious whispers designed to hurt and ruin are something completely different and are not protected. In other words, you cannot scream “Fire” for the sake of the chaos that comes from screaming “Fire”.


That is why they hide behind the fake personas.

That is why WE do not!



Sixth, So, We at MP are aware of the vile trash that has spewed out of the course of this blog. All the fun spins and turns of cowards on parade! In simple truth the blog has been a detriment to MP. We have lost investors and cast members. We have had multiple harassing phone calls, threats, and vicious messages.  We have also lost locations due to this blog and we have lost partners. YES the rumors, lies, and sick whispers have worked. MP has been harmed and damaged. We have asked all the parties, many times to please remove the posts. In response we have been ridiculed, libeled, slandered, made fun of, and threatened, ...and still no removal of posts. We asked several more times for them to please remove the posts and again we were ridiculed. Now we are answering the posts, one time only. It is amazing the level of cowardly bullying that this has revealed from Nicolle, Laurel, Tash, Samantha, Tobi, and their sick sad followers.


It is very easy for people to pick up stones and throw when they do not have a clue about the reality or the seriousness of the hate they are actively supporting and participating in. Hiding in the shadows without using real names, not using real facts, or any sense of actual reality is but the calling card of a cowardly bully. You do not need truth or the reality of simple little things like facts, honesty, honor, integrity, dignity, or even common sense or basic morals. As said by H.W. Beecher, "There is no such thing as white lies; a lie is as black as a coal pit, and twice as foul." The ‘cyber world’ has made cowards into punch drunk losers of false bravado who's only real motive is to show off while ignorantly believing the garbage and thrash which vomits from their fingertips won't come back to haunt them. Their contemptible victory is short lived however, "Victories that are cheap are cheap. Those only are worth having which come as the result of hard fighting." (H.W. Beecher). All things catch up and all things come out.


On a minor side note, we are grateful for the cowards, idiots, and morons who have run away because of this blog. It is better to weed out those who are simple minded than to have to work with such pliable fools.


Seventh, To address the disgusting attacks against my family and my father (a decorated Korean War and Vietnam War veteran who died of Agent Orange cancer) is the crowning accomplishment of these filthy punk cowards who have neither courage, intelligence, integrity, or dignity. My father was a good and decent hero who fought for democracy, freedom, liberty, and the rights of humans; something scarce in today's world. It is through these pathetic personal attacks that one is able to see the true nature of this blog and post; the malicious and cowardice for only the most slippery of gains and sick victory. Basically put, there is no honor or dignity in these false, vicious, and wicked lies and attacks.


Eighth, The attacks against my brother, Dr. Sir Michael (a retired veteran and PhD psychologist who had several radio talk shows and a TV show behind him who was also a law enforcement officer and professor).  Dr Mike’ is a true humanitarian, animal rights activist, philanthropist, and minister. These attacks make no sense at all on any level. Mike and I are two different and separate people. For us to be called the same person and pretending to be many people is simply illusory and extremely bizarre. It's the stuff of bad late night movies and fun blogs trying to sound smart, big, and important all the while sounding like a half crazed sociopath. Attacks on our brother Sir Gary, a veteran and also humanitarian is also simply repulsive. These family attacks drive home the reality of the cowardly conduct within this blog. This conduct may appear to be cunning and clever, but in actuality it only reveals their own worthless, repulsive, and creepy personal nature.


Ninth, The Knight and ‘Sir’ ‘issue’ that seems to have several people upset is fact. We are Knights in a Holy Knight Order that has its roots in the First Crusade that ended in 1099. It was in response to over 500 years of Islamic abuses, terror, and horror (much like today) imposed on The Holy Land and Europe. We are legal Knights, hence the ‘Sir’s. MP is owned by several Knights and that is the simple fact of reality. It is only the American mindset which cannot seem to wrap its head around knighthood. The rest of the world understands the concept just fine. The Knight Order is Real, Active, Honorable.


Tenth, If any of these lies, rumors, gossips, whispers, shadows, accusations were true the posters and commentators would use their real names and real contact information. The fact that they are posting and using fake and false names and have no actual facts, proof, information, or anything to back up or support their filth is a simply confirms they are liars attempting to ruin and/or impede MP and our families.


PROVE IT! If you could, you would. Proof is an absolute defense.

“OMNIA VINCIT VERITAS” - "Truth Conquers All" in Latin


Eleventh, The UFOs?! WOW! This is the doing of Honora Bowen (nandacast) ( , , , a self-professed alien (as in extra-terrestrial) clairvoyant who gets messages from ET's! We interviewed Honora for the first vampire pilot, “Eye of Noor: Manifestation” back in 2010 in Colorado and she was stoned. She begged for another interview and offered sex. We said no to the sex, but granted her another chance, however she showed up stoned again! She said she was from old money privilege and had gone to a private prep school in Vermont and was a genius. We said that was nice and she was not hired. Honora then said she could communicate with beings on other planets and could identify alien spies on Terra (Earth). She stated that my brothers and I (Sir Gregory Coots) are alien spies and that all of MP are being controlled by ET's! WOW! She then said my brother Rev Dr. Sir Michael and I could shape shift and become one being; and often did. Apparently Honora knows this because she is told, mentally, the secret truths of all people! Furthermore she said MP uses UFO's to fly around the USA and the rest of the world to mutilate cattle and people for alien research. All these insights foretold while she was stoned and drunk at the interview. Honora also claims to be a porn star and showed us pictures of her posing for ‘rock nudes’. Honora’s “fan” Annie Weston ( has joined the fun and also claims to be smart. OK.


A logical thinking and practical prudent human must then ask WHY? What is the goal? What is the gain? What is the real true agenda? Who is behind this and why? What is the stated end game or objective? And for Whom?


It is interesting to note that ‘HunterAlamo’ ‘Scorpio’ Nicolle, Tash, Laurel, and Honora all say they were willing and actively engaging in doing ‘porn’. They offered sex and porn as a bargaining chip with MP, but we said no. MP is not in the sex industry, nor do we want to be. They offered and we turned them down ...and their poor little feelings got hurt. Brooding females with hurt feelings make not for a good combination. Very interesting. It is quite interesting that they all openly say they were hired and ready to do porn. We are not impressed. The further complaints of Samantha, Zach, Tobi, all say they were into porn and did not get what they wanted! I see a theme here.


MP is not, nor ever has been, porn reps or advocates so what is their issue with MP? This is simply bizarre and clearly reveals a very sick entitlement fantasy that MP can somehow fix all of their many problems and shortcomings while making things magically happen for them. Take your trash somewhere else.


Where are these contracts, NDAs, and promises they talk about? Why not prove and show it? If any of this was true they could prove and show it. Why use fake names? What was or is the issue? They say they all did or would do porn! Who cares!? Porn is legal, right or wrong, good or bad. MP is not into porn and did not and would not hire any of them for porn, even though they were all ‘into’ or ‘about’ porn. Honora and Nicolle, both said they were ‘private’ adult entertainers and made porn!


Clearly stated Myelin Productions (U.S.A., U.K., Canada) does NOT do, support, or provide ‘porn’. MP is and always has been ‘a porn free zone’.


Consequently, we now strive to be a ‘crazed/creep/freak’ Free Zone!


MP has many actors and actresses that work with us on many projects and have never had an issue. Any one of them is of far greater value than all of the liars combined! Talent is talent, bluff and false bravado is not talent. Lies, rumors, and gossip, are clearly not art. Art is poetry in motion and life revealed in depth. Trash is trash.


In retrospect, these liars do have an understanding of at least one truth, If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.


"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."  --Sir Winston Churchill 


Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.

Albert Einstein


Twelfth, Another of the intrepid wild bunch of crazed confused 'avengers' is Emerald Oport ( ( An 'actress' from the first "Eye of Noor" vampire series and an attempted actress on other projects in Colorado Indie film. Emerald attempted to cause problems for Myelin Productions by sending emails to members of a band, all males, telling them to report MP and Sir Gregory Coots if they ever felt threatened or sexually uncomfortable. Emerald certainly appears to love drama! Too bad she could not muster half that energy to being a decent person.


Thirteenth, A few more very interesting “players” on the “jump on board…get some free fun drama” train are: 

Jane Kelly (, a very interesting and tragic would-be “mega-star” with a very sordid, bizarre, and shady past in both California and Colorado.  Jane has said she has been involved in 'adult and erotic' entertainment projects in the past. Jane was asked to leave MP due to constant gossip, rumors, and multiple lies. Her lies ranged from being a producer in Hollywood to starring in many commercials and directing Hollywood films; none true. She is but one more person telling lies and rumors about Myelin Productions.


Kayla Farris ( ) (a German Deli manager) also with a very shady past would-be actress. Kayla was asked to leave MP after starting conflicts and spreading rumors at rehearsals. Kayla also said she was a producer of major films as well as an adult model and worker.


Again – why then the issues if the “porn” stories were true?

Are they upset because MP DOES NOT produce porn? Only God knows.


Both Jane and Kayla, like all the others, have gotten their 15 minutes of fame and recognition. 


There is an active investigation and a case. 


FINALLY, If you have taken the time to read this then good for you. You are either angry, laughing, appreciative, intelligent, curious, stunned, a researcher for ETs, a psycho therapist doing an evaluation, one of my many biographers, Myelin Production's fan, supporter, cast, crew, investor, a wandering bard composing yet another adventure melody for Myelin Productions, or one preparing another round of insightful fun posts to show you won and can still run through the darkness! However, we at Myelin Productions will not reply. We have alas said our piece and peace. We now await the cowards to expose their cowardly and repulsive selves.

...OR sue us. Show the world who you are and the proof you claim to have. If there was truth or proof there would be no blog. Put up or shut up you sick, sad, perverted, twisted cowards!


“…to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.” —Moby DickChapter 135. "The Chase, Third Day.” Herman Melville





"It is defeat that turns bone to flint; it is defeat that turns gristle to muscle; it is defeat that makes men invincible. 

Henry Ward Beecher


"Eye of Noor" is the Vampire & Paladin series. "Noor" is ancient Persian for 'Light', and as James Russell Lowell said,  "Light is the symbol of truth."


GOD Bless you all!



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